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In these hard business times, we business owners need to be creative to keep our profit stream flowing.

Recently, I was searching for a hotel for a family vacation. I wasn’t familiar with the area so I was reading the online reviews. I have to give you a little background – I haven’t searched for hotels online in awhile, so I was impressed when the hotel actually answered the comments people bothered to write about the hotels. Now this may be normal, but I was impressed. I was looking for a high-end hotel, so seeing the hotel’s comments, that they took the time to respond instantly gave me the impression they would take that kind of time for their guests.

But that is not the impressive part… As I was reading the comments and subsequent responses, one customer wrote how it was the ‘best night sleep he had in a long time’. He went on about the bed and the linens. How comfortable and lush it was. Well the response from the hotel said that sleep is so important and that if this was the best night sleep they had, then to call the hotel to order one of their beds, linens and all – delivered! Somebody was definitely ‘thinking’ on this exchange.

What a creative way to create an income stream. A hotel that has such great beds and linens that they sell them!