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I have to say first off it was a fluke I even saw this product.  I was on HGTV.com looking at their decorating sections for a client of mine and it Flashed!   Those ads that used to be just one image are now videos.  Not those annoying “don’t forget to turn down your speakers” ads, but a silent one, but it was moving, which caught my eye.  THEN it showed me what it was – a single application of caulk.  For those of you that have what seems to be a million odd jobs around the house.  Just little fixes that need to be done.  You understand why this caulk single would be important/innovative.

Someone in the caulk industry was paying attention.  Someone was paying attention that a single serving would be of value to me, the consumer, the people. The people who are your current and your potential customers.  When was the last time you paid attention.  Is there a product or service you could provide for them?  What about a new product or service they may like?  (Do you even know what they like?  )  What about repackaging your current product or service in a new way?  Such as a caulk single.

Don’t you wish you had thought of it????

Something to think about:  As in life/business, sometimes things just need a little caulk.  No major fix, just a little caulk and things would be fine.  But if you ignore it or it’s been on the to do list but you ‘just haven’t gotten to it’  and put it off, time has a way of making the problem worse, in some cases much worse.  When all you needed was a little caulk…

So my sample is on the way.  I’ll let you know how it worked out..