How to loose the sale….really.

I just had a very frustrating discussion from a “sales person” who walked into my client’s business unannounced and without an appointment requesting to meet with the owner.  He left materials  (later I learned he wasn’t sure what he left there) which the owner saved and gave to me at our last meeting. This guy […]

Online vs Offline Marketing Strategies

According to NAWBO ( the National Association of Women Business Owners), who conducted an online poll asking “Does your business have an online component?” 75.5% said they have a website but they also do business offline. Do you do business offline too? Many sources say you ‘must’ have a website to be in business. Which […]

Caulk Singles

I have to say first off it was a fluke I even saw this product.  I was on looking at their decorating sections for a client of mine and it Flashed!   Those ads that used to be just one image are now videos.  Not those annoying “don’t forget to turn down your speakers” ads, […]

Creative Income Streams

In these hard business times, we business owners need to be creative to keep our profit stream flowing. Recently, I was searching for a hotel for a family vacation. I wasn’t familiar with the area so I was reading the online reviews. I have to give you a little background – I haven’t searched for […]

Surveys are becoming more popular

For those of you familiar with Constant Contact, one of the many on-line email services, you know they’ve created a service for surveys.  At the time I saw their first ads for the survey service, I thought hmmm that’s interesting.  I didn’t think surveys were popular enough to warrant a company such as Constant Contact to […]