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31fzGOZhhvLOverall this book is nothing earth shattering or revolutionary.  The basic premise is that you CAN transform your life.  In all aspects of your life.  But the book approaches it from the ‘one small step’ aspect.  The transforming is not a grand gesture in a 24 hour period but rather small steps in all areas that make the biggest difference in the long run.

Again, nothing revolutionary here, but I found it always good to read/hear items that we all know about but need a good reminder.  That is what I think of this book, it’s a good reminder of all the things that transform our lives that we already know about but because of the hustle and bustle of life we forget about.

I’ve read many books on habits and the approach to habits and this book is really no different.   Stating you need to “internalize and FORM a new, a better habit and approach, one that’s natural, automatic and inherent part of YOU.”

Some of my favorite ‘reminders’ this book talks about are

I found that this concept of the harder path also applies to Marketing a business.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard and read “gurus” that say ‘just look at your competition and what they are doing and do the same thing!’.  This is so frustrating!!  Make your own path, be legitimate in your own business, implement your own ideas of what you think will or won’t work.  BE a business owner, not a “wanna be like that business owner”.   Yes it’s harder, yes it takes more work, yes transforming is accomplished in small incremental steps.

So overall I liked the book, it just was a great reminder of all the ideas and thoughts I think we all already have, just need to be reminded to transform every day!